Seij minus aC – “Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal” Album Review (ebm/industrial/Japan)

Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal

Special doesn’t even hold a candle to the proper description of Seij minus aC.  Let’s be clear right off the bat…  Seij minus aC is the single most original sounding ebm/industrial act I have ever heard.  Period.

Seij minus aC came to me by surprise about 4 months ago.  Long story short..  I am making it my personal responsibility to at minimum, promote and increase exposure for Seij minus aC.

Seij minus aC is a one-man industrial/ebm pipe bomb from Tokyo, Japan led by one Haj.

Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal, released in 2015, is one of those cases where it’s justified to go back in time to do a review.

Seij minus aC blends ebm, industrial and ethereal elements masterfully to ridiculous degrees.  Complex layers, regular and irregular time signatures with both regular and intermittent distorted vocals… All of this, not to mention some of the most thought-provoking and intellectual lyrics you’ve ever read in an electronic act.  You may or may not dance…. either way, you’ll be blown away.

Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal contains 11 original studio tracks and 6 remixes.  Tracks like 1, “Angry Water” combine stiff synth strikes, odd time signature cloaked in an ambient backdrop.  Clearly the point is not to provide a mindless repetitive track to dance to but rather, a sonic infiltration of the brain.  Track 7, “Negativity” is a rapid attack of synth notes with a quick beat then swallowed by a waves and winds of a deep synth wall.  A similar effect happens in track 9, “Black Acuity suddenly Diagonal.”  However, herein lies a good example about how the vocals, while indiscernible serve more of a purpose of adding to the dynamics of the sound layering.

Seij minus aC pushes the proverbial envelope, rips it to shreds and then re-defines it inserting his own message… he ignores rules, breaks boundaries and makes no apologies. Period.  EBM, Industrial, ethereal, cyber-core… all are parts of Seij minus aC… all and none at the same time.

Like Seij minus aC’s first release-Less Physical Vortex, this one, Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal is very far ahead of its time.  Nevertheless… the time is not a moment too soon to further the word about this brilliant artist.

We will be, from time to time, updating the progress of our efforts for Seij minus aC in the PR section of  But this is just the beginning.

Black Acuity Suddenly Diagonal is available as a CD and digital download.

haJ – Tokyo, Japan

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