Interview: Kruksog (Neo-folk, Bulgaria)

Margaritka – Kruksog

Female vocals aren’t exactly two words that are typically synonymous with what people traditionally view as neo-folk music.  But little does the world know of a hidden gem in Bulgaria; that being Kruksog and the lovely lady behind it, Margaritka.

A thorough search on the internet didn’t yield much regarding the history of Kruksog; only one interview and a bandcamp page full of dark, magical and very unique neo-folk music.

So, naturally we had to find out more… thus, the interview that Margaritka was kind enough to spend a little time answering. Enjoy….

I was not able to find much history about your Kruksog project.  So for the readers, could you please provide us with a bit of Kruksog history and the meaning behind the name?

History of my project? I believe that is still in progress of being built. Kruksog means “crucified” in Orcish.

The one interview I read of yours, you mentioned that you used to create rap records.  Was this a serious comment? How did you go from that to where you are now? Otherwise, what other kinds of music were you doing before Kruksog?

Yes, I used to record rap tracks. I was working on Kruksog the entire time; I was just solely trying rap out because I knew deep down I could do it easily. Kruksog is my first project ever aside from the rap I used to do.

Could you talk a little bit about your studio set up and your process of recording?

I sometimes rent out a studio to record in, but a lot of the time I record straight from my home. My process is quite simple- I always record guitar and such first then all the vocals come afterwards.

When reading your lyrics, there is a bit of a sense of intensely personal feelings.  But yet, also one of abstraction.  Do you deal with both of those angles or is it as simple as your own personal “feelings?”

I do deal with both of those angles, as I portray my own feelings- I am also a strong idealist and I try to make the listeners hear a story about my emotions versus contained, hidden knowledge.

If you have one song that you are most proud of, one that best describes you as a person, what would it be?

It would have to be my song titled “End of Evangelion.”

How important to you are the following when it comes to inspiration?..  non-musical mediums like literature or painting, Bulgarian or European history and ritual?

European history in general is important to me and holds a special place in my heart. Philosophical and metaphysical literature are essential to my life. Early gothic art from the Middle Ages is my preference.

Do you think neo-folk almost has a prejudice against it because so many artists are associated with European nationalism, even pro-Nazi ideologies?

I do not think that this is a prejudice because it is accurate. Even Kruksog is associated with European nationalism.

 You also mentioned that you were writing a philosophy novel.  How’s the progress on that and what can you tell us about it?

This novel is based on mankind’s true ways of survival and the challenge virtue puts on man himself. It is about seventy five percent done by now. I cannot wait until it is finally finished, really!

So far you’ve had 2 digital Kruksog releases in 2017 alone.  What’s next?

I have not planned ahead that far yet to be honest.

Let’s say I stole your Ipod and in it had most of the music that has been influential to the creation of Kruksog.  What do you think the biggest surprise would be to me?

I think the biggest surprise to you would be finding Arvo Pärt. He is an Estonian composer of classical music.

Many many years from now, a very distant relative locates a box in a very old house. Inside the box they find a recorded CD-R with your music on it and a working CD player. What would you hope this person learns about the music you left, if even just listening to the disc?

I hope they feel and learn something which is impossible to explain to any living being and are left mute and in thought for a while after haring it. I wish them to feel vulnerable under the moonlight.

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