Review: Noise Against Racism V/A – Harsh Noise Movement/Blackened Death Records


Harsh Noise Movement/Blackened Death Records – Noise Against Racism

Expect the unexpected.  That’s the rule of thumb when it comes to Harsh Noise Movement, the project and the label.  Expecting that I was going to first cover the HNM/Rudolf split (which I still intend to), I became distracted by a digital compilation album.

Presented by Harsh Noise Movement and Blackened Death Records, we have Noise Against Racism; a digital-only release with a monstrous number of tracks… 74 in all.

Everything under the noise spectrum is offered here; from harsh noise walls, cut-up noise, experimental, noise rock, field recordings and found sounds.  No abrasive angle is left untouched.

Not much else needs to be said.  The only way to appreciate this release is to go check it out at once.  HNM is also offering T-shirts with the release art work on there.

A most interesting release with a very cool message..moreover, another good excuse to support Harsh Noise Movement and Blackened Death Records.

From bandcamp; “The title says it all.  Racism is a cancer that needs to be cut out and destroyed forever.  Stand up against ignorance and hate.  F@#k racism.”

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