Empty Chalice – “Emerging Is Submerging/The Evil” ltd. tape Album Review

Empty Chalice – “Emerging Is Submerging/The Evil”

Limited cassette releases with sonic artwork clearly having taken many many hours, may seem a bit strange.  Then again, the practice lends itself to the idea of preservation of a lost art as well as making the music even more special.  Today we give you a very limited cassette/digital release by the very special Empty Chalice.

Empty Chalice is the product of one man; Italian artist Antonine A. who started the project in 2015.

Track 1, “Look Into My Eyes” begins as a slowly-gliding trip, not drifting away but rather toward the listener, pulling them into the soundtrack of a dream-state.  Subdued industrial ghost waves are heard on either side.  Track 2, “Muffled Scream,” starts with a wavy drone and again, periodic hits off in the far distance.  The drone is then layered with ghost-like synths which rise, fall and rise again with deep synths cresting and falling.  High synths eventually take command and provide for a dimly-lit and somewhat cinematic environment.  The environment is one of not so much fear but of curiosity and anticipation in a foggy environment.

Empty Chalice pretty successfully bleeds dark ambient, drone and a trace of death industrial into one slow-flowing river.  Empty Chalice is not usually a think, dense, constantly moving journey.  But rather a lighter, more ethereal and sometimes uncomfortable trip.  While hypnotic in movement, the tracks often remain somewhat stationary so as to evoke a trance-like state in the listener.  “Sidereal” is a fairly complex track with multiple layers; synths ebbing and flowing front to back and left to right to the accompaniment of wafting death industrial sounds and altered male vocal spoken word.

Part of the enjoyment of reviewing releases from artists like Empty Chalice is this; not only is it the pleasure of finding something new and special, but the looking forward to what the artist comes up with next.  Such is the case here…………

Empty Chalice presents a work that is thoroughly interesting and different in an overly-flooded sea of ambient artists that seem to travel all-too-similar planes.  Not always comfortable, rarely luminescent, but an interesting weave of a journey nonetheless.

Antonine A.

“Emerging is Submerging/The Evil” is limited to ONLY 31 cassette tape copies.  As of the time of this review, only 25 remain.  Industrial Olocaust Recordings is the label that released the cassette.  However, when that sells out, the digital release will still remain.




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