Extreme Kindness / Гликодин SS – Split Album Review

Extreme Kindness/Гликодин SS – Split

One of the most prolific noise labels, Wall Noise Action (Russia) is the reason for the offering we give you now.  Here we have a digital split release from Extreme Kindness and Гликодин SS.

Extreme Kindness; perhaps one of the more ironic names in harsh noise/power electronics; ironic because of the vicious harsh noise walls the artist routinely delivers.  Such is the case herein.  Extreme Kindness displays plenty of low-end frequency rumbling and dentist drill-like high frequency ear-jarring noise.  Track 2 is a bit more vacuous sounding put still impolite nonetheless.  Track 3 sounds like it’s recorded from inside an airplane engine getting ready to take off.  All three walls offered by Extreme Kindness appear to be in different keys, multi-layered and full of dynamics.

The two tracks offered by Гликодин SS incorporate the use of sampled voices; always something I’m a fan of in noise releases as it adds another dimension to the sounds, especially when buried and barely audible.  Гликодин SS takes track 5 and 6; 5 relying predominantly on massive low-end earthquake-like rumbling and some pretty unique sounding mid/high frequency abrasive noise.  Track 6 starts off as more of a cut-up, low frequency and then varies up with un-layered static and a more prominent use of voice samples.  The thing about using voice samples in noise music/power electronics is this; unlike industrial and ebm acts, the context makes little to no difference.  What’s more important in this art form is again, the levels and mixing.

In any case, this split release is another reason why Wall Noise Action is one of the more prolific labels around.  Go support them and their releases.  This split release is available now in digital download format.





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