Genevieve Pasquier – “Louche Effect” Album Review

Louche Effect – Genevieve Pasquier

Never heard of Genevieve Pasquier?  Neither had I prior to this review.  Upon further research, I’ve discovered a new, quirky but yet extraordinary and talented artist.  Louche Effect is her new release courtesy of Ant-Zen and is available now on CD and digital download.

Previous releases have seen Genevieve experiment with styles including ebm, experimental, even a bit of noise.  Even a Kraftwerk-esque minimalist style appears from time to time in this new album.  This stands to reason as she cites Kraftwerk as an influence in an interview appearing on (

From Ant-Zen: “an imaginary arena where avant-garde, pop and industrial ingredients intermix in the most peculiar way like a milky oil-in-water emulsion.”

Tracks like “Too Many” and “Red Moon” have more of a sultry lounge (almost Portishead-style) feel with Genevieve’s low-gliding voice over analog synth backgrounds.  Then other tracks like “I Wanna” yield more of a quirky Missing Persons 80s new wave kind of feel.  “My Dear Fellow” shows her ethereal angle and showcases the upper register of her voice.

The keyboards are always tastefully done, sometimes (as mentioned above) more minimal and at others, dense and layered guided by beats.  In many instances they appear to be even odd and whimsical.

Here’s the thing: It’s almost painful to draw SO many likenesses especially for such a unique artist.  But know that while Genevieve takes these similarities, she does so and twists them around in her own individual way.

Anyway, a very interesting and diverse release showing Genevieve’s many roots and talents.  Let’s just go ahead and label this “twisted cabaret-core.”

Louche Effect is available now.

Here’s an older track from one of Genevieve’s releases… just one of the many styles she works in…consider it an encouragement to check her out further.

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