Antzaat – “The Black Hand Of The Father” Album Review

The Black Hand of the Father

Recently masses of people gathered to witness a rare event; a total solar eclipse.  However, today we bring you another reason to celebrate; metal that is destined to send shards to the sky, rip it wide open with surgical precision, and draw down the moon and sun; metal that eclipses many others in the industry.

Antzaat’s new 5 track EP, The Black Hand of the Father is our offering for today.  This release easily has to be one of the best black metal releases of the year and right up there with the best of black metal debuts.  Quite honestly, it could have been a single and I would have said the same thing.  Track 1, “Disciples of the Concrete Temple” sets the tone for the EP; no intro, no holds barred and unapologetic black metal, heavy on the melody, atmosphere and speed.  Track 2, “Rite of the New Dawn” begins with a bit of a Paradise Lost-style riff but then develops into a blistering blast beat guided riff.  This track is a great example of maintaining a certain level of power while keeping things relatively simple yet melodic. Tracks 3 and 4 while maintaining the brutality, also seem to experiment with a bit of off-beats or odd time signatures.  Then it’s back to the feeling of a brisk train ride through the bitter cold winter.

Here’s the thing, however.  And this is the case with other Immortal Frost Productions artists (ex. Astral Winter, Doedsvangr), regardless of how disgustingly murky the air may be, Antzaat shows that there is still room to breathe in this music.

Antzaat utilizes memorable melodic structures, catchy break-downs and well-placed lyrical incisions to ensure that Belgium remains on the black metal map.  Cresting and cascading tremolo riffs create a (dare I say) an often uplifting or incongruously sorrowful and nostalgic feel.  There’s really just enough familiarity for purists and enough for outside the box thinkers contained in this one gut punch that is The Black Hand of the Father.

Antzaat – raw, melodic black metal from Belgium


  1. Disciples of the Concrete Temple
  2. Rite of the New Dawn
  3. Circle of Leeches
  4. Hierarchy of the Battered
  5. The Black Hand of the Father

We welcome the arrival of Antzaat’s “The Black Hand of the Father” EP on September 25. Limited to 500 CD copies. Also available as a digital download release.  Let us let Antzaat know their debut offering is a welcome one and that we look forward to further music.

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