Soviet – “We Are Eyes, We Are Builders” LP (ltd. & expanded) Album Review

We Are Eyes, We Are Builders

Having been blessed with some amazing synth-pop releases this week, we continue down that path with another one courtesy of the Medical Records label.  Here we give you the limited double vinyl re-issue of Soviet’s underground classic, We Are Eyes, We Are Builders.

After the original issue on Plastiq Musiq, a CD reissue from Head Records and tape reissue from Burger Records, the Medical Records label has finally issued the We Are Eyes.. re-release for the first time on vinyl; an expanded edition with a total of 17 tracks.  Side D of the album features 5 previously unreleased tracks.  The album was remastered for vinyl by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK

Reminders of many of the synth-pop greats are indeed present; Ultravox, Human League, OMD, early Depeche Mode to name a few.  If you kept track of new wave/synth-pop artists from the 80s, 90s and then through the early 2000s and still have not heard of Soviet, this is because of one reason; We Are Eyes, We Are Builders was too good.  So here, once again we have a group that honors the new wave-synth-pop revolution of the 80s and 90s.  But here’s the thing; between the initial release, re-releases and now the double Lp expanded issue from Medical Records, we are hopeful that the real quality and innovation of this music remains unforgotten.

Truth be told… there is, in fact not a single filler song or so much as a bad moment on this entire album.  From the Gary Numan/Kraftwerk – esque “Circuit Love” or the Ultravox-like “China,” everything is there – the past, present and hope for synth-pop’s future.  The strength of We Are Eyes, We Are Builders is the building of layers and harmonies on top of relatively simple structures.  What seems complex in the finished product is, at its core; pure and simple.  The end results are distinct, memorable songs.  Martin Bowes’ remastering is crystal clear and the vocals are perfectly mixed with the music.  Surely the LP vinyl format is an extra treat for this gem, especially for the added tracks.

We Are Eyes, We Are Builders – 17 tracks on 2 LPs is a limited edition and available now via Medical Records.  Check out this synth-pop cult classic while you can in LP format.


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