Acheulean Forests – “The Enchantment” Album/Tape Review (dungeon synth)

The Enchantment casette

To the woods we travel for yet another magical dungeon-synth (ok.. forest-synth in this case) offering from Pacific Threnodies; the new cassette/digital release from Acheulean Forests, The Enchantment – arriving October 27.

From Pacific Threnodies:

“Inspired by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite’s classic “Fairyland” collection ofpoetry and prose, Acheulean Forests perfectly captures both the otherworldly mythos and puckish whimsy of Celtic faerie tradition.  Forest samples and MIDI neoclassical arrangements transport the
listener to an idyllic and dreamlike inner world of fay reveries, accented by a childlike sense of wonder.”

Right from track 1, “Fairy Wings,” we, the listeners find ourselves trying to recall the name of a lullaby that we are certain we once knew but whose title we seemed to have forgotten.  Instantly we are transported a a realm where the “dungeon synth” label is too limiting; a world in which the flight of fairies isn’t far from the imagination.

Musically, the uniqueness of The Enchantment is quite easily noticed with an emphasis on using of the higher notes on the end of the spectrum without too much of the low-end of typical dungeon-synth releases.  When the low-end does appear, however in track 2, “Mystical Forests of Eternity,” images manifesting including the likes of a forest filling up with fairies and elves converging, even celebrating.  In general, the parts with the higher notes seem more personal and intimate while the feelings of adventure and exploration open up with the deeper synth sounds; a pretty good dynamic for a dungeon synth release.  “The Woodlands Of Sorrow” is a bit of an ironic title due to the sprightly movement of the track.

Given the aforementioned inspiration for this release, I’d say the artist is quite successful.  The Enchantment is very whimsical and devoid of too much dungeon smoke and dimly lit passages.

There’s definitely enough herein for dungeon-synth traditionalists, but more than enough room for those who doubt the limits of the genre’s imagination.  Nevertheless, fans of early Mortiis, Erang and Wongraven will be pleased if not surprised.

The Enchantment will be available on Oct. 27th.  Ltd. to 100 tape copies with full-color J-card.  Preorders will include digital download and a 1.25″ button.  Regular digital version will also be available.

Acheulean Forests


NOTE: The following track does NOT come from this new release but we are including it so you can get an idea of the artist.

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