KK Null – “Extropy Ground Zero” Album Review (Noise, Power Electronics)

kk-null-extropy-ground-zero-front (1)
Extropy Ground Zero

KK Null is a legend in the noise/power electronics scene.  Moreover, he is a master of chaos creation.  We have for you, his latest work courtesy of 4ib Records, Extropy Ground Zero.

From 4ib Records: “Kazuyuki Kishino displays an intriguing approach towards the genre of experimental noise. Deviating from his usual genre style, he unleashes new material of percussive blast beats which take dominance in the 2 tracks (one studio and one live) contained within. The juxtaposition of electronic percussive noise tempo against layers of interweaving swooshes and electronic bleeps provide an interesting ambience of sound”

Track 1, “Extropy Ground Zero” starts off with some rapid, distorted conic bullets.  What follows is absolute madness and chaos.  There are so many things going on and so many dimensions and dynamics, it’s ridiculous…but in a good way.  Trust me on that. After the rapid distorted cyber-strikes and a series of what sound like computer glitches, we then find ourselves behind a wall of harsh noise and again, those distorted rapid percussive beats.  KK then mixes this with some upper-frequency harshness.  Then after a short, dark ambient break… utter bloody chaos erupts; the sonic equivalent of breaking glass and fierce storms; the pinnacle of all that I just mentioned combined.  That then tapers off like rain at the end of the storm and the storm begins again just before 9:00.  Very destructive, uncomfortable cyber-noise madness.  Great stuff and really unique in terms of noise artistry.

I’ve always been a huge fan of noise albums that were recorded live.  They just add other dimensions in terms of experimentation/improvisation for the artist and sonic dynamics  vast vs. claustrophobic for the listener.  Track 2, “Tokyo Ground Zero” is live.

If you thought track 1 was maddening, you haven’t heard anything yet.  Ok, I’ll step out on a limb and say it.  It’s tracks like “Tokyo Ground Zero” that make Merzbow look like a drone artist.  Now, please don’t get me wrong, I love Masami’s work and no one can deny his place in noise as a true pioneer..no one.  But KK Null is really pushing some boundaries here, like serious goose bump-inducing chaos and sonic bloody anarchy.  Super-speed distorted cyber-blast beats, glitches and blips, multi-dimensional harsh noise walls and shards and a whole other pile of chaos – shifting, speeding, slowing abruptly and uncomfortably.  I think I even heard some buried samples and discordant piano strikes.  It’s really very challenging to describe.  It’s like a category 9 hurricane with so many things in the path of its destruction-lifting and dropping, tossing and smashing.  Not many noise tracks give me chills but this one sure did.  Really… you’ll just have to hear it.  If this track indicates the direction KK is going, he really nailed a cornerstone on this one.  I really can’t even find the words other than that.

I think we’re going to interview KK soon.  We’ll have to find out how the hell he pulled that track off live.  I can’t imaging being in that venue.

KK Null


  1. Extropy Ground Zero (14:41)
  2. Tokyo Ground Zero (38:10)

Extropy Ground Zero is available now.  Limited Edition @ 250 copies in a digipack CD from 4ib Records.


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