Vomir – “Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous” Album Review

Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous

Harsh noise walls; great tools for those who those who wish to get away from the world and clear their brain of clutter.  Yes, they can be used for meditation.  There is a certain sense of comfort in discord or discomfort when it comes to harsh noise.  Otherwise, they are good tools to piss off the people in the car next to you who are blaring rap music with obnoxious bass that levels on the Richter scale.

Romain Perrot is the man behind Vomir, a harsh noise artist of more than a decade.  4ib Records has issued one of his most recent releases, Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous in a limited quantity of 300 copies.

From 4ib: “relentless, the boundaries of its aesthetics get pushed further and deeper by the storm of distortion overlayed by the bleakness of massive cloistered sounds.”

In an article published in The Quietus in 2014, Romain stated in regard to harsh noise wall creation: “the final results depend on the individual personalities of the individuals concerned.  My work is based on its lack of development or progression as well as the themes such as withdrawal from society.”  A noise wall exists when the static noise is full, continuous and consistent from start to finish without alteration or fluctuations.  I see the act of creation, on stage or when recording, as time out of the world where I can immerse myself in noise and become completely caught up in it.

Fitting Romain’s definition, Cloitrez is in fact, one harsh wall-continuous, nonfluctuating full-on noise. It clocks in at just over 64 minutes.  Moreover, given those aforementioned thoughts, perhaps we should pay more attention to those creators of harsh noise.  Maybe their philosophies matter in who we decide to listen to, even regardless of how dynamic the “wall” is.  In other words, could we open our minds and learn new ways of not just hearing but listening to harsh noise walls?  On the other hand, it’s arguable that the reactions could be subjective to the listeners.

Anyway, if you are interested in harsh noise walls and their creators, you have no reason not to start with someone like Vomir.  I dare you to listen to this recording from start to finish in one sitting though.  Your brain may or may not be the same.  Recordings like this prove there often can be a comfort in that which is uncomfortable and abrasive.  Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous is a great example if you are interested in the arena of harsh noise.

So are your neighbors too loud?  Are the construction guys outside jackhammering too much?  Are you at a stoplight with someone blaring too much bass?  Challenge them with a noise wall from Vomir.  Or simply use it as an alternate form of a blanket to cover yourself away from the world for a while.

Romain Perrot – Vomir

Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous is available now in both physical digipak and digital formats.



Resource: http://thequietus.com/articles/16050-romain-perrot-vomir-interview-harsh-noise-wall – Interview by Russell Williams

For those of you unfamiliar with what Vomir does, this particular track does NOT come off the new release but will give you an idea of his work.

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