Harsh Noise Movement/Merzbow/Rasalasad – “Thisrhythmia” Ltd. CD

R-9475506-1481229854-6141.jpegI wanted to get this up right away because this is a very special and very limited CD-R from Harsh Noise Movement/Merzbow/Rasalasad titled Thisrhythmia.

Please note that this CD-R is only available through discogs.com at the link below.  By the time you read this, they might be gone so hurry up.  Refer to the track list below in regard to this description:  Track 1 begins with a very deep, low-end drone and some delicately placed static over the top.  The heavy drone moves a bit like a snowplow down the street.  This tapers off toward the end like distant fading while moving away in a storm of fog.  Track 2 starts with some discordant analog synth sounds – (a bit like an analog version of Charlamange Palestine), followed by some deep slow moving drones with some strategically buried static and various blips and noises.  The synth sound finds its way at the end to close out the track.

Track 3 begins with what sounds like some tunes buried in slight static – sounds like the dial of an old radio.  Some static-graced, subterranean-sounding drones are the predominant feature in this cut.  Track 4, starts with some very high frequency, almost uncomfortable high-end noise and some extremely low-end as well.  Again, very deep and this time, ghost-like ambient drones layer the backdrop.  This develops toward the end where we again hear the high-end noise and ghost-like drone to finish out the track.  The final track is mostly different and quite strange; fairly complex.  Sounding like we are hearing it muffled or in the distance, we hear some buried tunes, percussion and unidentifiable noises.  What continues is a number of things including disruptive drones with percussive noises sounding muffled and some dentist-drill-like static over the top.  A discordant and machine sound arrives at about 2:40 again with various blips and some fairly subdued harsh noise.  The subdued quality and lack of abrasiveness of this track makes it somewhat uncomfortable and thus, very effective.

Nutshell version: A very good ltd. compilation from 3 very good, talented noise artists.  Ltd. to 20 copies.  Again, only few copies remain.

From Discogs:

1 –Rasalasad*, Merzbow & Harsh Noise Movement  – Ghuru 6:01
2 –Rasalasad* with Merzbow  – anfm1 (A Nature from Merzbow) 4:22
3 –Rasalasad* vs Harsh Noise Movement – Bhoga 5:50
4 –Rasalasad* with Merzbow  – Axx 3:32
5 –Rasalasad*, Merzbow & Harsh Noise Movement  – anfm2 (Another Nature from Merzbow) 8:42

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