Abattoir & Satori Split – “Aether” Album Review



Disturbing, apocalyptic and disruptive is what we have for you now.  We go back a few months for the release by Abattoir & Satori; a split album called Aether.

From Old Captain Records:

“Old Captain (Ukraine) and Malignant Records (USA) offer a great collaboration of two famous musicians: Satori (UK) and Lorenzo Abattoir (Italy). “Aether” is the globe made of infinite tiny components: small cogs of shining gold, cobwebs of the finest platinum wires, balances and fulcrums made of wood and precious stones; densely packed machinery regulating and controlling every small detail, creating cause and influencing effect. 

There are so many things going on in this album it’s ridiculous… but trust me, it’s in a great way.  The diversity and destructiveness under the canopy of “apocalyptic” keep the listener on their toes and their mind bent.

Some of the tracks have more going on than the others, thereby showing the diversity of this duo.  Take track 1, “Thale” for example.  We go from the use of found objects to deep, brooding drones, to a harsh wall, to a dungeon synth piece.  It then develops into a guttural voice-like drone.  Back to the harsh wall, disturbing death industrial soundscapes with sounds similar to field recordings and some more minor key synths.

You’re not looking so much for continuity with this release.  You’re hearing the eclectic and destructive contributions from both artists.  Track 2, “Marsya,” gives us another example of the diverse nature of the recording; an almost primitive industrial feel – found objects, various industrial hits, heightened death industrial soundscapes and more.

Some tracks like 3 and 4, “TheMythofEr” and “PrometeoKnowledge” respectfully, show more of a minimalist but still very subterranean, death-industrial soundscapes.  They are somewhat similar to the foundations of the aforementioned tracks yet without so many of the varying noise elements.  Two more tracks round out the album, “Aether” and “Hemera/Nyx” which also show various elements of the aforementioned tracks.

This is not a comfortable release by any stretch of the imagination.  However, Aether does stretch the imagination and keeps the listener’s attention.  Aether is extremely eclectic, disturbing and destructive in its mixture of harsh noise, death industrial, drone and dark ambient.  All of these are why we listen to this art in the first place and that makes this album such a success for this duo.

Aether is released on a 4 panel digipak CD and digital format.  CD has been limited to 300 copies.  Many are already gone so act fast.



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