White Walls/Harsh Noise Movement – Split Album Review

White Walls/Harsh Noise Movement

Harsh Noise Movement is at it again.  One of the field’s most active and prolific artists/labels teams up with White Walls, headed by K.Mitchell who runs Reverse Records in the UK-one of the most underrated noise/power electronics labels.

White Walls’s first track, “Not Normal” is a mostly over-drive affected (or low-end heightened) chopped up wall though it starts like the noise is run through a machine gun. Listening closely it sounds like voices drowning in a violent sea of noise.  “Gas Mask” is another track where the chopped-up wall is slightly buried (even more-so in this case) beneath a dominating low-end frequency.

What’s very interesting about the White Walls tracks is that about halfway through each of them, we hear some fairly disturbing samples (one of my favorite things when noise artists incorporate these) slightly over a dark ambient track.  In one case, “Gas Mask,” the sample sounds like a 911 call and the other, “Not Normal,” sounds like the warped voice of a female (mostly) in addition to some other voices and noises.

HNM’s tracks are some of the more psychotic tracks I have heard from them in a while.  “Ripe” can basically be described as a wall that has been chopped, beaten, twisted, manipulated, jack-hammered, run through a computer (some moments) and screwed completely up.  Obviously, if you are a noise fan, that’s a good sign.  From what sound like computer blips and feedback to a high-paced chaotic picnic.  “Icepick S@domy,” HNM’s second track, is pretty much a trademark harsh noise wall; a 12:54 barrage of pure chaos.

What else needs to be said?  Both of these UK noise lunatics deliver again.

The White Walls/Harsh Noise Movement split is available as a limited CD-R as well as a digital download.


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