Neraterrae – “The NHART Demo[n]s” Album Review (ambient, drone)

The Nhart Demo[n]s
Going back to the dark ambient realm, we give you an Italian artist; Neraterrae.  Neraterrae is the product of Alessio Antoni who presents a collection of darkened sonic landscapes called The NHART Demo[n]s.  

From Bandcamp: “‘The NHART Demo[n]s is a collection of early tracks and reworks conceived, recorded and edited back in 2009, under the former name “NHART.”

Neraterrae is doing something very different from other dark ambient/drone artists.  However, I won’t give it away.  You’ll have to listen for yourselves.  Tracks like “Night Visit” explore more of a creepy death industrial drone vibe while deep, vast subterranean territory is explored with the likes of “The Gift of Blindness.”  “End” also sees a bit of a death industrial backdrop but perhaps with a bit more of a noise angle.  “New Faith” is a soothing, hypnotic ambient drone.  “Core” takes on a bit of a perpetual descension with light drones guided by reverb, giving a smooth, vacuous tone.  These are just some examples of the dynamics that Neraterrae explores.

If all of these tracks were meant to be released on demos between 2009 and 2010, then we are really looking forward to seeing what trips Neraterrae takes us on next.  Italy is churning out some seriously good quality dark ambient/drone artists lately and this is no exception.  This is a Name Your Own Price release on Bandcamp plus the tracks are all fairly short.  So you have no reason to skip this.

Alessio Antoni




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