Taake – “Kong Vinter” Album Review

Kong Vinter

If you thought that all of the snow in the second wave of black metal had been trodden upon, think again.  Taake returns with a new album, Kong Vinter to remind us that the second wave is in fact, still alive.

Kong Vinter is the seventh album from Taake and sees Hoest playing all instruments himself.

The album starts off with a brisk wind in “Sverdets Vei.”  Now, as noted, this album is still very much in the raw vein that came with the second wave of black metal.  However, it doesn’t take long for the listener to encounter some deviations that Taake has made.  A little more than a minute into the track, we hear some chord harmonies that sound a bit like 3rd wave (Alcest etc…) or even the old 4AD bands but without all the ether.

With Kong Vinter, Taake very much goes off the already trekked pathway while keeping the crisp/raw sound; unexpected/illogical notes, key changes & chord progressions and such.  The best example of that might be the final track, ” Fra Bjoergegrend mot Glemselen.”  “Fra Bjoergegrend…” also exemplifies another quality of the album; where Hoest does lengthy instrumental parts thus letting the music speak for itself and the atmosphere it provides.  Dare I say Taake also even incorporates some elements that are basically rock n roll.  Take, for example the riff at 1:04 in track 2, “Inntrenger” as well as other parts of the track.  In fact, Taake can do all of the above in the same track and make it work.

If you’ve been a long-time fan of black metal and can predict certain chords with some bands, you will not be able to do so with Kong Vinter.  That’s what makes all the tracks on this album great.  Moreover, Hoest further keeps the album from being boring by somewhat frequently mixing up the tempo changes.

Ice cold like we would expect from Taake, but with a few new gusts of wind.

1. Sverdets Vei
2. Inntrenger
3. Huset i Havet
4. Havet i Huset
5. Jernhaand
6. Maanebrent
7. Fra Bjoergegrend mot Glemselen

Kong Vinter will be released on November 24 via Dark Essence Records.  Digipak edition as well as white, clear and black vinyl gate fold LP editions will all be available although the LPs are all limited to 1000 copies each.


Hoest – Taake

Please note that while the following track does NOT appear on Kong Vinter, you new fans will get an idea of what Taake sounds like.

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