La Tredicesima Luna – “Il Sentiero Degli Dei” Album/Tape Review

LUNA digital
Il Sentiero Degli Dei

Another offering from Lighten Up Sounds is what we have now; Il Sentiero Degli Dei by La Tredicesima Luna.  This is the product of Italian solo artist Matteo Brusa.

From Lighten Up Sounds: “Stunning shadow sound from Italian solo artist Matteo Brusa, known for his powerful Dungeon Synth work as Medhelan. This dark debut from the project  offers a flawless form of foreboding night-sky synthesis and ominous drone, a cryptic key to the eternal lunar mysteries.”

Track 1, “Fuochi Sotto Le Stelle / Tra Due Mond,” begins as a deep drone moves its way to the foreground while a swirling high frequency sound looms over the top.  Different layers and waves of tones come and go to the accompaniment of a strange, occasional crackling which appears toward the top of the layers.  Some of the bottom layers seem like digital synths while the higher frequencies which appear only so often sound like high-end, old-school analog ARP synths.  While we are grateful there are labels like Lighten Up Sounds keeping the cassette format alive, I’m not sure that a mix like this can truly be appreciated to the fullest extent without headphones.  Because artists such as this have a great command of bringing the sounds from all directions as well as a distinction of foreground/background.

Track 2, “Energie Ancestrali/La Luce Dorata Dell” starts with what you might guess to be a dungeon synth vibe.  But the deep drone moves in with the wind and increases in volume,  eventually submerging the synth strikes.  Ghostly sounds weave in and out, from left to right.  The dark ambient/drone backdrop continues to drift but layers are then added which actually harmonize with the synth sounds.  A shimmering high frequency synth wave (like the one you heard in track 1) appears about 5 minutes into the track and looms across the top like a spectral ceiling.  This somewhat washes out the ghosts which are now deep in the background if even there at all.

“Il Sentiero Degli Dei” is a limited edition of 50 copies.

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