Vacant Stations – “Clones” Album Review (ambient/drone)


A cold morning and breaking dawn are the inspiration for fulfilling an intention to review this offering.  Winter-Light Records, a Dutch label, gives us Clones by UK-based ambient project Vacant Stations; 13 tracks blending drone, ambient and dark ambient styles.

From Bandcamp: “A self-reflexive comment on what have come to be regarded as dark ambient genre conventions. Hopefully a sense of narrative also comes through.” – Vacant Stations.”

With Clones, deep, columnar drones fill the foreground and background while blended with wafting ambient planes that appear from the left and right channels as well as from overhead.  This is the case in most of the tracks.  Some tracks like “Stanza” project a variance of speed with the ghost-like fields appearing from the sides while the drone maintains below.  Other tracks like “Five” are predominantly drone-based and more subdued.

One of the nice things about this release is the length of the tracks.  Unlike some ambient/dark ambient tracks, these are much shorter (ranging from 2:35 – 9:27) thereby keeping the listeners attention in brief ethereal journeys, some of them “higher” than others like “Load” which leans toward the ethereal.  “Lapse” is an example of more of a hypnotic, swirling track that tends to stay in one area but increases in volume.

So, all in all, Clones is a good excuse to check out this Dutch label, Winter-Light.  It also serves as a good document for an artist skilled at blending drone, ambient/dark ambient styles; A fairly cold, ethereal journey indeed.

Clones is available in a limited edition CD format as well as a digital album.

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