Haemorrhage – “We Are The Gore” Album Review (death metal/gore grind)

We Are The Gore

These days, it takes it takes a lot to get me excited about upcoming death metal releases.  But having a special interest in medical-themed metal and being a fan of bands like Haemorrhage and General Surgery, I was indeed looking forward to the release of veteran gore-grind masters, Haemorrhage’s new album, We Are The Gore.

Haemorrhage has a history that now spans the course of 25 years.  With quite a number of demos, splits, EPs and live albums, We Are The Gore arrives as their 7th full-length album.

From Relapse:

“With numerous guest appearances from current and former members of Carcass, Impaled, Dead Infection, Ghoul, Gruesome Stuff Relish, and others, takes their nauseating blend of scalpel-sharp riffs, triple threat guttural vocals, and bone-scraping rhythms to a new extreme. One listen to We Are The Gore will leave you soaked in buckets of bile and feeling like a freshly made cadaver.”

Obvious comparisons to Carcass and such are going to be unavoidable given the theme of the band.  However, there are a number of other things we’re hearing in this release.  First of all, this album represents all that we have come to expect from Haemorrhage; plenty of blast beats in addition to riff and beat changes.  But there’s an occasionally obvious hardcore punk influence in terms of song structure.  This may be especially the case in the title track.

Drummer Erik Raya who just joined the band last year kills it with different patterns within the songs while maintaining the same pace whereas many other drummers maintain mostly the same patterns.  Paired with the guitars at some moments there is almost a “Slipknot-like” feel to some of the tracks; especially in tracks like “Gore Gormet,” “Medical Maniacs” and “Miss Phlebotomy.”  “Miss Phlebotomy” is an example of Haemorrhage’s ode to the de-tuned grittiness of early 90s Swedish death metal.

Long time fans of Haemorrhage will not be disappointed with We Are The Gore.  Furthermore, fans of Carcass, County Medical Examiners and General Surgery will also grab onto this album.

We Are The Gore is available on CD as well as 12″ vinyl LP (black ltd. to 900, or Green Merge (swamp green, olive & white) ltd. to 200).  We Are The Gore t-shirts are available as well.

Haemorrhage (photo by Miguel Angel Galindo)


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