Antibody – “Opera Of Death” Album Review (industrial/ebm)

Opera Of Death

Leave it to my friends, the Germans to solve my problem of finding killer ebm to review.  We go back only a few months to give you Opera of Death by Germany’s Antibody.  17 tracks including 13 studio and 4 remixes in all.  I’m pleased to bring this on behalf of Dark Tunes Records.

Biography: Antibody is a solo powernoise based act out of Germany beginning in 2013. After a number of remixes for the likes of AngelDust and Binary Division, in 2015 Antibody appeared on the Alfa Matrix compilation with their song, “Shrimps.”  Antibody is here to infect the world with heavy beats, thundering bass lines, catchy melodies and a bestial mixture of Industrial, Power Noise and Hard-style/Hardcore. Be ready for the big Infection! (part of the bio was modified by the editor)
Most of the tracks on Opera of Death are straight, hard-driving dance floor-friendly techno/ebm; fit for a club or a rave.  “Basstard” is like an ode to the 90s days at the height of Front 242’s career.  If you are already a fan of Antibody reading this, go check out an obscure band called Deitiphobia.  You’ll like it.  Trust me.  “Into the Night” featuring label-mates SynthAttack) is a bit more mid-paced but with a sick groove that prompts one to turn the volume up to 11.
There are no vocals and a lot of the beats are quite repetitive at times.  But that’s just the nature of the music.  Furthermore, there are plenty of breaks, interludes and a ton of well-placed samples that the artist makes good use of.  There is also plenty of experimentation leaving no two tracks to sound too much alike.  In the end, our attention never leaves the album.
Opera of Death is crazy, hard driving techno/ebm music.  Fans of techno/rave/ebm/terror ebm will all find something to love about Antibody; fantastic work of the highest caliber.  It’s as simple as that.  We’re looking very much forward to hearing what Antibody does next.

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