Cruel Wonders – “Gentle Doom” Album Review (dark, neo-folk)

Gentle Doom

We travel to the middle east for today’s offering; a dark but fresh new perspective on neo-folk.  We give you Israel’s duo Cruel Wonders and their new album, Gentle Doom.  This is a great example of one of the advantages of artists submitting their own material.  Often and in such cases as this, I find out about music that I might not have otherwise found out about.

From Bandcamp: “Four years in making and having shared stage with such heavyweights as ROME and Spiritual Front, Cruel Wonders’ debut sets classic poetry to sparse, doom-laden neofolk for the post-metal age.”

Lyrically, Gentle Doom does something completely different and utilizes the words of legendary poets such as Blake, Byron and Poe.  Yet somehow they make them their own. Musically, Cruel Wonders creates a truly unique blend of dark, neo and loner folk; mostly acoustic instrumentation with a tasteful placement of distorted guitar over the top.  This lends a depth and heaviness to the material.  Dare I say that the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of obscure 70s psychedelic rock (i.e. Aphrodite’s Child).  Furthermore, they lend a sense of character in blending with the music.

Often mournful and nostalgic yet even hopeful within the same song.  That’s Gentle Doom.  The recording/mixing lends the quality and character of an old LP; a sound that is rather difficult to sustain in today’s digital age.  The mood of the album brings forth images of foggy evenings and moments of solace and loneliness, yet with rays of hope.

Gentle Doom contains 11 tracks and is available as a limited edition CD and Name Your Own Price digital release.  Go support Cruel Wonders with the hope they put out more material like Gentle Doom.  I see why it took them 4 years to create.  Gentle Doom is a great take on dark folk.

Cruel Wonders is:

Cruel Wonders - Gentle Doom - inlay-back-band
Cruel Wonders – dark folk from Israel

Tamar Singer – vocals, acoustic guitar
Vlad Shusterman – electric guitars, programming

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