Unreqvited – “Disquiet” LP/Album Review (atmospheric black metal)


Simply put, today’s offering is a benchmark for what every atmospheric/third wave black metal album should sound as good as.  Yet it is but what only a few achieve and what most hope for.  Not since Alcest’s Souvenirs album or anything Chiral has put out have I heard a release like this equal to its majestic qualities.

This is the LP re-release of Canadian one-man project Unreqvited’s album DisquietDisquiet was originally released in 2016 via Pest Productions.  However, it has since been re-released in LP format giving the recording the added character it deserves.

From Concilium, “the mysterious Unreqvited blasted forth with a heartbreaking form of post-black metal completely given over to the most manic of emotions, with each of its seven equally epic tracks taking turns that were simultaneously depressing and uplifting, downward and heavenward.”

The fact that there is but one man behind Unreqvited makes it all the more wondrous.  Musically, Disquiet blends shoe-gaze-like tremolo picking with most often steady, gut-kicking drum beats (though occasional blast beats do occur).  Serving as the backdrop we have soft synths and string sounds.  There are also plenty of emotionally intense yet not musically aggressive moments.  While the vocals are indiscernible, that’s not the point.  The point is that they serve as another dimension to the instrumentation and the layering dynamics.  They arrive and recede like in and out of a waterfall.

There are two slow, instrumental dark ambient tracks within the album to balance out the release and add dynamic to the mood.

Nostalgic, sorrowful and hopeful all in the same breath.  This album is like drowning and ascending at the same time.  Haunting and memorable; that’s Disquiet.

Fans of the likes of Alcest, An Autumn For Crippled Children and Ghost Bath are sure to enjoy this album.  Surely Disquiet will become an underground classic.  From point A to point B, there’s not a single bad moment on the album.

The vinyl and digital album are available through Cold Records “a label under the banner of Concilium (Ordo MCM, Clavis Secretorvm, AnnapurnA).”  If you are insistent upon the CD, you’ll have to go for the original issue from Pest Productions.



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