Phobos – “Approaching Dark Space” Album Review (ambient/drone)

Approaching Dark Space

A great excuse to drift off to ambient land is what brings us to this release.  We have Approaching Dark Space by independent ambient/drone artist Phobos.  Phobos is the product of UK resident David Thompson who has been independently releasing his own material since 2009.

Approaching Dark Space contains 5 journeys varying between 8 and 22 minutes in length.  The album mostly gives the listener the feeling of traveling while the sounds are passing by to the left and right, sort of like looking out the window of an ethereal train ride.  Phobos explores the dark and mysterious hidden places both in the subterranean and subconscious using deep drones with mid-paced sonic planes.

Phobos takes the listener to the darkest depths and guides them on the exploration of traveling through levels of space and the subconscious.  Approaching Dark Space creates somewhat of its own voice by creating darkened ambient tones without being lost among the numerous artists already classified as “dark ambient.”  The strengths herein are in the layering, mixing (including the L and R channels) and the variation of paces that the sonic planes travel at.  The album supports one of the numerous sides of Phobos.  Surely if you are a fan of ambient/drone artists you will not be disappointed.

Approaching Dark Space is available as a limited edition CD as well as a digital release.  A lot of the previous Phobos releases are sold out in physical format.  So if you are a hard-core CD collector, you might want to jump on this CD and grab one of the 50.  You can also support Phobos’ previous releases in digital format.

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