Troum – “Da-Pu-Ri-To-Jo” Album Review (dark ambient/drone)



From the dark ambiance of the UK to the avant-garde of France to the ambient of Germany we travel.  Today we give you the most recent release from Germany’s Troum.  Some weeks back we reviewed Troum’s collaboration with Raison d’etre, XIBIPIIO.  Today we hear one of their own.

Released on Russia’s Black Mara Records, Da-Pu-Ri-To-Jo is a collection comprising Troum’s 7″ vinyl releases (+1 digital); 12 tracks in all.  All tracks are fully remastered, united in the theme of a labyrinth.

From Black Mara: “It is a musical labyrinth in which we go from our earliest days, reliving every moment of the immense awe of the sublime. One topic gives way to another like the meandering paths. And revelation comes when seemingly no way out of a confusing puzzle. And if you’re a wanderer, your journey is complete. You’ve found yourself. “

Those unfamiliar with Troum’s journeys will find a unique blend and presentation of ambient (dark, cinematic) and drone along with experimental nuances.  Troum even experiments a little with noisy textures with tracks like “Betonwolke.”  Then tracks such as the appropriately titled, “Das Air” present much more of a minimalist composition.  While some tracks are more vast, others such as “Nargis” are considerably more claustrophobic and columnar-sounding.  Considering the former and latter tracks, Troum takes the listener from the beautiful to the haunting. “Victoria” represents another dimension of Troum’s skill in its ability to combine multiple layers of digital and analog sounding synth waves which bleed into one another to create their own notes on the spectrum.  “Unreleased Theme For River Endscene” is quite the stunning track which blends complex vocal-sounding drones with fluid ambient sounds to give an experience especially worthwhile while wearing earphones.

Black Mara takes an unparalleled amount of care and pride in the presentation of their releases and this is no exception.  Sonically and aesthetically their releases are always of the highest quality.

Da-Pu-Ri-To-Jo is available as a limited edition CD in a wooden box (includes photos, map of labyrinth, CD and bottle with Magic Earth).  It is also available as a digital download.


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