SynthAttack – “Harsh Is Back” Album Review (ebm/industrial/electro)

Harsh Is Back

We begin a series of explorations into the world of ebm/industrial by beating the dance-floor to a bloody pulp.

From Bandcamp: “In an apocalyptic mix of dark electro, industrial and EBM staving tribute is payed to the electronic side of the dark scene….SYNTHATTACK brings fresh air and proves that this project is more than ready to dominate the upcoming dark electro era.” 

Harsh Is Back is an accurate and appropriate statement.  Don’t let the simplistic band name fool you.  SynthAttack is back to destroy with their third release.  If you are unfamiliar with them but are into the likes of Hocico, God Module and early Dawn of Ashes, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be up your alley.

Harsh Is Back contains 10 solid tracks from the regular release as well as 7 remixes from artists such as Alien Vampires, Alien:Nation, [X]-RX and others.  While it’s nice to see a flurry of ebm/industrial artists out there experimenting more with new sounds and rhythms, from time to time you just want to return to a sound that beats the $hit out of your ears, your stereo speakers and the dance-floor.  That’s what SynthAttack does from point A to point B.  While employing traditional sounds and rhythms, SynthAttack also seems to be developing some sounds of their own.

“Life Is a Bitch” is the first single from the album (see video below) and exemplifies everything Harsh Is Back has to offer.  Most of the tracks are pretty much mid-paced although tracks like “Embrace Your Life” tend to pick up the speed a little bit.

There’s really no reason why SynthAttack shouldn’t be dominating the festival grounds and clubs all over.  Harsh Is Back is a sonic bloody beat-down, uplifting and energetic; certainly deserving of far more attention.

Harsh Is Back is available as a digital release and CD-Digipak From Dark Tunes Music Group.  The CD comes as a 6-page digipak including an 8 page booklet with lyrics, artwork and live pictures.


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