Dizzolve – “The Hookwirm EP” Review (ebm/industrial)

The Hookwirm EP Front Cover
The Hookwirm EP – Dizzolve

Sometimes the more interesting yet more challenging reviews to do are those of bands and albums that blatantly ignore the “rules.”

But that’s precisely one of the many reasons noisebeneaththesnow.com exists.

Today we have Dizzolve from Pennsylvania and their 5 track, The Hookwirm EP to be released on Machine Man Records soon.

Initially formed in 2006, Dizzolve went on hiatus until around 2012/2013.  Finally they are blessed with strong indie label support.

Dizzolve is one of those genre-defying acts who seem to create their own rules.  Call it ebm, deathstep etc. for your own convenience.  But Dizzolve is one of those rare cases where they are a bit of all of those and none of those at the same time.  But for the sake of convenience, fans of bands like Chemlab, Hate Dept. or Bile and others will surely like The Hookwirm EP.

What we have here is a solid EP of five tracks containing heavy, distorted analog sounding synths, distorted guitar, sick grooves and steady beats.  The distorted vocals are a bit like terror-ebm style screams.  Don’t let the pink cover fool you.  The Hookwirm EP is as sick as a hook worm will make you.  Thick, gritty, catchy and solid from point A to point B.  Moreover, no two tracks sound alike.  It’s worth a look at if you are into the heavier side of electronic music.

The Hookwirm EP will be available as a digital release from Machine Man Records around December 15.


Dizzolve Live_4


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