Gunter Larry-Veston – “Mein Kampf mit dem Scheißen” digital Album Review (noise, power electronics)
Mein Kampf mit dem Scheißen

Often times, material gets tossed on our desk completely out of left field even when loosely fitting into a genre we cover.  Moreover, when the submissions involve very obscure artists whom not much information is available, they allow you to take the material simply for what it is.

Here we have an obscure artist from Austria by the name of Gunter Larry-Veston and the debut digital release, Mein Kampf mit dem  Scheißen.  Austria isn’t exactly considered the center of noise music culture.  And I don’t know what the hell is going on with noise artists from there, but this recording is quite honestly like nothing that has ever come to us.

While some experimental noise artists have more continuity in their releases, this artist explores a number of different areas all within one release.  I wasn’t sure how he could call that a cover of Toto’s “Africa” until I listened carefully to the middle of the track where the rhythmic strikes of some found object mimics the rhythm of the classic hit by Toto.

Gunter also explores field/environmental recordings with “Deutchland Gentleman’s Club” with various sounds and sporadic noise blips.  The other three cuts to the ep are all over 9 minutes and show the artist’s dynamic capabilities to incorporate found objects, field recordings, noise blips, industrial hits and harsh noise static.  It almost even sounds like the artist is incorporating the use of certain household items.

Anyway, at the end of the day, Gunter Larry-Veston, the obscure guy from Austria tosses a very peculiar experimental noise release our way.  He’s so underground that he doesn’t even have soundcloud or Youtube.  Check his Bandcamp site for sound samples.  If you like the album, feel free to support this interesting artist.

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