BlutEngel – “Black” mini-Album Review (goth/ebm/dark pop)

Blutengel - Black sml

The new BlutEngel mini-album is our offering for today; Black-an 8 song release containing the title song from the most recent Leitbild album as well as 2 remixes and 5 new and unreleased tracks.

From Out of Line: “It has become a sort of tradition that Blutengel always put out a second, companion-release of sorts, in the same year that they release an album. After the anthemic song “Black” quickly became a fan- and band-favorite on Blutengel’s latest tour, Chris Pohl decided to build a mini-album, using it as a heart piece.”

I’m going to go out on a limb of a tree in the Black Forest here….  “Steele Master” is without question one of the very best BlutEngel songs I have ever heard with its majestic, almost military-esque feel.  It’s a slightly slower track with enough string and choral hits in the background to light up the festival skies.  “Blood Rain” and “Der letzte Kampf” are fairly up-beat tracks suitable for a windy midnight drive down the Autobahn.

Something to point out as most of you hard-core BlutEngel fans will likely already know… one thing that this band really excels at and stands apart from other contemporary artists is the strength of the layering in their harmonies.  Listen to the synth hits in the back of “Der letzte Kampf” and you’ll see what I mean.  The same goes for “Steele Master.”

In typical BlutEngel fashion, there is indeed a sense of a darkened “new romantic” sort of feel; one that few can touch but BlutEngel can master, and naturally.  It’s somewhere between the best moments of 80s new wave and 90s darkened synth-pop.  But everything that we long-time BlutEngel fans have come to know and love about the band is indeed there.  Black proves that BlutEngel honors their past, plays with the future and gives listeners hope that there’s still room for exploration in this music.  There’s not a single bad second on the disc.  It’s a good companion piece to the full-length Leitbild that preceded it as well as on its own.

For the benefit of the artists, we never simply assume that our only readers are those who are already familiar with the bands.  That’s our justification for the necessary evil of having to draw comparisons.  But then, it’s our job to bring news of releases to old and new fans.  With that said, if indeed you have never listened to BlutEngel (first of all, shame on you..  just kidding), I guarantee they will become a long-time fixture in your collection if you are already familiar with bands like Sisters of Mercy, The Awakening, The Wake or maybe 69 Eyes.

Black is available on CD format as well as a limited edition vinyl and digital download.

Track Listing:

Ulrike Goldmann & Chris Pohl
 01. Black
02. Komm zu mir!
03. There´s No Place
04. Seele
05. Blood Rain
06. Der letzte Kampf
07. Black (Alternative Mix)
08. Black (Trensity Mix)

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