Conjecture – “My Body, Your Temple” Tape, Album Review (dark ambient/post-industrial)

My Body, Your Temple

We turn our attention now to Greece, a land we don’t often visit here at  Not because we don’t want to.  It’s simply because there’s a lack of material from Greek artists that comes our way.

Nonetheless, today is an exception and we have for you dark ambient/post-industrial artist Conjecture with their new tape/digital release, My Body, Your Temple  The ep is co-released by Amek Collective (Bulgaria) and Raumklang Music (Germany)

From Bandcamp: “”My body, Your temple” is a research or a comment on how the believers of different religions shows their love to their gods by hurting, mutilating and decompose their own bodies. You can see this in many cultures and religions. Self whipping, self mutilation, self harm or even self-immolation. “

One thing that makes this release unique is that it was composed with hardware synthesizers and piezo microphones on metal objects and scraps.  Thus, more of an apocalyptic, post-industrial world is created.  I also love the fact that context is completely removed from the track titles as they are labeled A,B, C, D and E.  It’s things like that which allow us to listen to the music and take it for what it is.  The production is also great and shows that that artist is mindful of the atmosphere containing the background and foreground as well as the left and right sides.

My Body, Your Temple really blends, dark ambient/drone soundscapes, drawn-out synth lines and manipulated light percussive hits.  Toss in an aura of post-industrial and you have an album.  Being mindful of the  inspiration of the album, Conjecture takes the listener on a bit of a journey that is perhaps both contemplative but also uncertain; perhaps that the person is performing an act out of faith but that they are still slightly doubtful or melancholic in the sacrifice.

My Body, Your Temple is available as a limited edition cassette as well as digital download.  We should be grateful to these labels for keeping the cassette alive and for offering the digital album along with the purchase.  It’s recordings like this that shine in their own way with the character of the tape and the clarity of the digital files.  For sound samples, please visit the label’s bandcamp or soundcloud pages below.


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