Various Artists – “Dur Untash-Dark Experimental Music From Iran” Album Review (ambient/drone)

Dur Untash – Dark Experimental Music from Iran

Pay attention to Iran and Italy.  They are putting out some of the most unique-sounding dark ambient/drone work in existence at the moment.  Some weeks ago we reviewed a compilation called Visions of Darkness; a compilation of Iranian dark ambient artists which is also worth checking out.

Dur Untash is a new digital compilation release from Unexplained Sounds Group.  In this case we have an Italian label releasing Iranian artists.  The album contains 3 tracks each from 5 dark ambient/drone artists – Reza Solapitour, Nyctalllz, Alphaxone, Pooyar and Self Industry.

From Unexplained Sounds Group: “5 Iranian artists expertly manage to deliver compelling perspectives of experimental music’s creative methodologies and boundless imagination. It is dedicated to all the victims (and victims’ families) of the devastating earthquake that recently struck Iran and Iraq. “

If you are a fan of dark ambient and drone, I can’t even stress this enough… there is some really fantastic material coming out of Iran (and Italy – but we’ll get to that later).  Dur Untash is a great compilation showcasing that fact

Reza Solapitour’s tracks showcase a great mixing of dark ambient/drone and field recording sounds with some great left/right channel mixing, thus bringing in the listener in closer to the environment.  Alphaxone’s tracks are appropriately very cinematic dark ambient/drone-like.  In fact, they have done some work with the great Cryo Chamber.  That lets you know right away the quality of the work.

Nyctalllz’s tracks blend drone/dark ambient and even toy with minimal noise.  Put together they create an environment that is both whimsical and other-worldly as if a field recording was taken from imagination.  It’s like somewhere between wake and dreams or this life and life on other planets.  A side note: Nyctalllz is the project founded by Morego Dimmer who also records as Xerxes the Dark.  Pooyar is a multi-talented artist whose layered drones often create chilling, haunting atmospheres that border on comfortable and uncomfortable (in a good way of course).  Self Industry creates complex, haunting dark ambient/drone atmospheres that often use minimalist noise drapes that hang over.

Dur Untash is available now as a digital-only release.  Please check out the bandcamp site for more information and sound samples from this eclectic and interesting collection.  Also check out the Visions of Darkness compilation.  (Unexplaind Sounds’ radio station)


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