Säröllä – “Lopussa 1-8” Album Review (harsh noise/power electronics) (Finland)

Lopussa 1-8

We go now to Finland and explore the harsh end of the dynamic spectrum.  In this case we dip into mystery with the obscure harsh noise artist Säröllä and their digital-only release Lopussa 1-8.  As noted before, sometimes mystery is best when taking the art simply for what it is.

You’ve heard one harsh noise wall, you’ve heard them all, right?  Well, you may think so initially.  But pay attention to how the individual artist presents them.  In this case we have a harsh noise wall split into 4 pairs of tracks.  Sonically,  as is with the case of most harsh noise “walls,” the tracks do sound very similar but perhaps with a slight shift or alteration in the artist’s patch.  Also, in this recording, the emphasis appears to be on the high-end static as there’s not much of a low-end frequency.  On a side note, the track titles (See the bandcamp site) translated to English are as follows: pain point, under my nails, glass part and bipolar.

Slightly shifting, rapid, high-frequency static pieces…  At the end of the day, this recording is just as good of a harsh noise wall as any others out there created by the guys who have been around for a bit.

Check out Säröllä’s bandcamp page for sound samples and support an artist in a land not exactly known for its harsh noise artists.



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