Droid Sector Decay – “National Union Of World Murder” EP (ebm/industrial)

National Union of World Murder

Today we give you an artist who honors the founders of ebm and industrial while proving their is hope for the future of this music.  Droid Sector Decay’s 6-track EP, National Union Of World Murder is our offering for the moment here.

From ReverbNation: “DSD is an experimental project which combines influences from all music genres. It is not an easy listening $commercial$ act. You will hear sounds from our twisted aspect of view. This is how we see & realize things about music creation. There are no boundaries…there are no limits.”

Since 2009, Droid Sector Decay has released a number of full-length albums, EPs and singles.  An investigation into their history will find the band’s explorations into the fields of ebm, industrial, trance and even a bit of noise.

On this EP, Droid Sector Decay covers all of this ground – sometimes in the course of one song.  While previous releases have included vocals, on this one the music is allowed to speak for itself without them.  Track 2, “Collector Head” sounds a bit like a cross between old-school industrial (i.e. Einstürzende Neubauten) with it’s metallic and factory-like strikes and noisy cyber-trance.  However, a track like “Near-Death Experience” honors old school 90s ebm (think Nitzer Ebb or early Leather Strip) with its rapid synth patterns and samples.  “Hate” is a bit similar but with more of a Chemlab/Hate Dept. kind of vibe.

Anyway…static-laden bass pulses, hard industrial stomps honoring the old and the new.  Recommended for those with one foot in the past and a fist in the future.

CD version of National Union Of World Murder has been limited to ONLY 20 copies!  At the time of this writing, only 7 are left.  However, the EP is also available as a digital download.

Droid Sector Decay


PLEASE NOTE:  The following track doesn’t appear on the EP but serves as a good stylistic example of what you’ll hear.

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