Säröllä – “Kuumeuni” Mini-Album Review (noise/electronic)


Several days ago we featured a noise artist from Finland-not exactly for being the noise capital of the world.  You can read the review below here….


Säröllä brings us now Kuumeuni; a three-track mini-EP.

From Säröllä:  “This is my ”thank you” to my country as our independence day is arriving soon.  This is also a big memorial piece to the legend who passed away this year, Mika Vainio, who is a big inspiration.”  Editor’s side note: Mika Vainio was a somewhat obscure but largely influential figure in the electronic music scene.  He was also a scorer of films.

What Säröllä is essentially doing here with this release is giving an example how some noise artists aren’t just simply noise artists.

Kuumeuni takes 3 tracks, each between 4 and 6 minutes and uses a variation on a “theme” so to speak.  A similar practice was employed on the last release where shifts in pitches were used.  Anyhow, the “theme” on Kuumeuni is a somewhat repetitive yet hypnotic pattern of analog-sounding synth hits.  That pattern remains in the foreground while Säröllä does some different things in the background.  It’s nowhere near the harsh noise walls of the previous release.  However, you still have the dynamics of discomfort that comes along with the joy of listening to noise.

The occasional static noise takes a much more subdued and sporadic role like an uninvited guest peeking in windows.  There also appears from time to time some Kraftwerk-esque high synth blips along with highly reverberating prominent ambient waves (that go rapidly in and out from left-right and vise versa).  Together they sound like a drowning attempt on C-3PO and Chewbacca from Star Wars.  Track 3, “Kuumeuni.osa3,” is probably the noisiest and most-layered of the three tracks.

Check Säröllä’s bandcamp site for sound samples.  So if you are a noise fan who likes to peek out from the walls from time to time, take a look at Finland’s resident Säröllä.


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