Alfa Matrix – V/A (46 tracks) Name Your Own Price Album (ebm/industrial)

a0360625128_16This isn’t so much a review as it is something to draw your attention to a free 46 track album.  Ok so it’s a Name Your Own Price album and I would encourage you to support.  See the Bandcamp link toward the bottom.

Alfa Matrix is a leading ebm/industrial-esque label that I’ve wanted to work with for a while.  So I’m thrilled to be doing so now.  Stay tuned for an interview with a bloody amazing band called Totem Obscura.

So, enjoy the compilation but I would also encourage you to dig a little deeper and support not only such a great label but some amazing and boundary-pushing artists.

From AlfaMatrix: “A 200 minute-plus compilation that reflects the label’s music repertoire and impressive artist roster in the full-force of its diversity also reminding us that ALFA MATRIX is one of the very few indie electro labels who still dare to scout new talents and to inject new blood into the scene while others would definitely choose to sleep on their laurels while focusing on their sure values of established bands. “

Here’s the list:

SIN.SIN – Blacklist (feat. HELALYN FLOWERS) (AIBOFORCEN mix) 05:16
MONDTRÄUME – Free 06:03
CRYTEK – Anathema 03:52
KANT KINO – Wrong 03:34
AD:KEY – Shameless (ep mix) 03:55
ELM – Burial (12 inch mix) 04:18
MENTALLO & THE FIXER – A lot like the truth 04:24
DIFFUZION – Insomnia (rmx) 04:23
IMPLANT – The phone call (NOSEDA rmx) 06:47
CIRCUITO CERRADO – What’s your emergency (club version) 04:53
STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER – I’m alive (time to fight) 05:31
STUDIO-X vs. TECHNOID – Leave us alone 05:31
AESTHETISCHE – In my aurora (feat. HELALYN FLOWERS) (uplifting mix) 05:30
STAR INDUSTRY – Shiver (AESTHETISCHE cold mix) 04:03
HELALYN FLOWERS – Kamikaze angel 04:00
POUPPEE FABRIKK – Watch your sex (2017) 03:50
ARMAGEDDON DILDOS – Intimidated 03:44
AYRIA – Crash and burn 04:28
ENTRZELLE – Steadily loosing faith 04:15
LLUMEN – Force of nurture (MILDREDA mix) 05:18
AIBOFORCEN – In the valley of the death (absolute version) 04:34
ESSENCE OF MIND – The great unknown (TWISTED DESTINY mix) 05:18
COSMIC ARMCHAIR – Valentine 04:53
SD-KRTR – The girl from the station (feat. Charmae) 04:33
IMJUDAS – Tulpa 04:54
PSY’AVIAH – Gamechanger (feat. MiXE1) 02:55
JUNKSISTA – Monday (feat. ESSENCE OF MIND) 03:54
METROLAND – Cube (large) 07:01
ELEKTROKLÄNGE – Heimkonsole (mehrsprachige version) 03:46
NÖVÖ – Groupe 8-2 (extended) 05:17
AENGELDUST – Agent orange (endzeit version) 04:25
TOTEM OBSCURA – Blut marschiert 04:51
DUNKELWERK – Waffengang (special sample cut) 03:33
SCHWARZBLUT – Dolorosa 04:20
ACYLUM – Ostracized (feat. HYDRA DIVISION V) 04:43
MILDREDA – Erazor (extended version) 05:49
ZOMBIE GIRL – Panic attack (VENAL FLESH mix) 04:58
VENAL FLESH – Corrupted wetware 03:47
KOMOR KOMMANDO – Music is my religion 03:39
NEIKKA RPM – Deep dive (all you devils) 03:24
THE PSYCHIC FORCE – Blowback 04:27
AVARICE IN AUDIO – Lie to me 04:09
SIVA SIX – Apocalypsis (BASSTOCRACY remix) 04:52

Here’s the link to the release………..

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