Inhibition – “A Cruel Aktion” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

A Cruel Aktion

100% of the time it’s a pleasure spreading the word of Reverse Records’ releases.  This is because we know that they are going to be something sonically unique and something in which a lot of pride and care is given to the aesthetics of the product.

A Cruel Aktion is the new release from Inhibition and a dedication to the cult classic film, Thriller: They Call Her One Eye (aka Thriller: A Cruel Picture). 

Inhibition does what certain “cinematic” dark ambient artists do.  That is, they present the recording in such a way that it’s quite cinematic in its sound and mixing.  This seems to be for a couple of reasons 1. the clear mindfulness of dimensions – i.e. left/right channels, background/foreground etc. and 2. again (said this before) one of my favorite elements in noise albums, speech/monologue samples.  These can serve noise releases in a number of positive ways.  First of all, they can provide context for a style that is often simply based upon simple dynamics of abrasive vs. delicate, high vs. low frequency etc.  Secondly, context aside, voice samples can simply add another dimension to the layers and dynamic of sound.

When speech samples are in fact included in some noise releases, they are often separate from the static or noise, buried in another layer.  But Inhibition does something slightly different with them.  They use the noise to manipulate and change the output of the actual sample.

A Cruel Aktion contains 3 tracks.  The base of what we hear is is creepy, cinematic nearly apocalyptic soundscapes.  From time to time sound samples appear.  In some cases they are to illustrate the importance of certain dialog and others (like in the middle of track 3, convey a really terrifying aura).  I can only imagine some of them coming from the film to which this album is dedicated.  Noise isn’t really a predominant element in this album but when it does appear, it often assumes the a background role or that of a manipulator of other sounds on the album.  It does appear differently in track 3.  There are a number of other things going on in the album which might make it seem complex from this description but they are spread out enough.  There is quite a bit of effects manipulation and what sound like field recordings as well as a few organic found object strikes.

A Cruel Aktion is a limited edition release and comes as a professionally produced CD-R with a handmade, slim black glass DVD case.  Leave it to Reverse Records UK to take some pride and give their releases some unique presentation and aesthetics.

If you are a fan of noise/power electronics/death industrial etc., I once again highly encourage you to check out Reverse Records UK.  There is a LOT of fantastic work being put out and a lot of care being put into the artwork…definite collectors items for noise fans.


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