V/A – “Ocean Of Sound” 3rd Annual Report (ambient/drone/noise) 200 artists, 229 tracks!


I was stunned to think someone would make the time and effort into creating a mammoth-size 2-volume compilation release consisting of 200 artists and 229 tracks not to mention combining ambient/drone and noise.

Unexplained Sounds, however, did just that.

I suggest immediately heading to their bandcamp site and checking out some sound samples to get a perspective of the stunning dynamics of this release.  It would be interesting to find out how long the entire release would take to listen to from front to back…or should I say how much older we would be by the end.  :o)  In any case, the work herein surely is dynamic and timeless.

You’re going to get tracks by artists such as Flutwacht to Xerxes The Dark to Empty Chalice to Michael Bruckner…. and the list seems nearly endless.  There are sound samples on each of the tracks.

If you are a fan of ambient/drone/noise and welcome digital-only releases, I would highly recommend checking this and other releases from Unexplained Sounds.  They are based out of Italy.  There is some really exceptional work coming not only from Italian artists but also some of the labels there.




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