AutomatoN – “Sub Coma” Album Review (cyber/power metal)

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Sub Coma

What better a label to release an album that conceptually deals with the co-existence of man & machine than Machine Man Records?

Sub Coma is AutomatoN’s new release; the fourth album and final in a series of albums spanning a story line.  It was preceded by 2016’s self-titled AutomatoN, Human Purge, III: A New Life.  AutomatoN is a concept that deals with faulty robots living together with humans. When robots are wired wrong, what would happen?

From Machine Man Records: “Constantly hiding from the authorities, the automaton tires of this and has to get off the planet ultimately. Becoming a stowaway on a commercial space taxi, the automaton is sent out to the Pluto region on a science ship. Get ready for “Sub Coma.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What floored me more-so than the technical ability and mixing of this album was even more-so the fact that it was ONE guy doing it all.  Stylistically, we have a combination of technical death metal, keyboard-infused cyber-metal and power metal.  While I don’t want to draw comparisons to Fear Factory and their innovative debut Soul Of A New Machine, I cannot help be reminded somewhat of the themes and the marriage of heavy, chopping, catchy riffs and the blend of harsh and clean vocals.  But both artists have a distinct sense of purity about them. 
There is a distinct difference in the case of AutomatoN, however.  The vocals are somewhat of a blend of black metal style with a (brace yourselves here…) bit of a youthful yet soaring Perry Ferrell vibe.  Trust me.  It’s refreshing.  In the case of my favorite track, “Bionic Rain,” the vocals are soaring along with the nostalgic-sounding melodies. 
I think the point of Sub Coma and the other albums in the series is to be mindful of the past but look forward to future both musically and conceptually.  But the point of this post is to say that if you are a fan of work like this, I’d highly recommend you giving AutomatoN a shot.  Also check out the other Machine Man releases.  Labels with their level of professionalism deserve far more attention than they often get.  I expect and look forward to great things from both Machine Man and AutomatoN in the future… 


Sub Coma is available as a digital-only release through the following link….

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