Demonologists – “Acid Until I Rot” Album Review (noise/dark ambient)

Acid Until I Rot

Take field recordings from the deepest bowels of Hell, EVP recordings from demons that possess even the nastiest of people, some waves of static and noise that both separate and cross this world and the next…. then you have yourself a Demonologists album.  Our offering today is the limited edition release from Demonologists, Acid Until I Rot – available now via 4ib Records.

From 4ib: “13 tracks of pure evil sounding industrial churn of grim and hatred. Akin to what your worst nightmares are made of, nightmarish visions of nefarious delirium manifest through the extreme electronic soundscapes and eerie chants to low frequency growls of hatred. This darkened industrial noise release absorbs you into a sonic environment of relentless nihilistic mayhem that destroys the human soul.”

Acid Until I Rot contains 13 tracks of sonic scathe and abrasiveness in a very successful attempt to demolish the boundaries of black ambiance and noise.  The gray line that they destroy is parallel to the line between the real and the demonic that their sounds seem to transcend.

It’s always pleasing to see artists stretching the boundaries of noise and include dark ambient/drone elements.  The last artist to do that that came across our desks was Colossloth (courtesy of Cold Spring).

In cases such as Demonologists, it’s probably more appropriate to illustrate the dynamics by looking specifically at some of the tracks.  Track 5, “Fun Loving, Self Loathing” while only :37 in length, is perhaps the most ironically titled track on the release as it sounds like a human vs. demon battle that would put “The Exorcist” to shame.  Track 6, “Sick Sun Omen II,” blends an abrasive wall of static and some deep, pulsating beets as well as some chaotic and sporadic ambient shards and various other harsh noises and manipulations.  Track 9, “Body Horror” starts off with more of a minimalist dark ambient/death industrial approach but gets progressively violent with the inclusion of some abrasive strikes and harsh noise manipulation.  Track 3, “Vampyrrhic,” gives the listener a feeling of being pulled away from a creepy horror movie lullaby into a sea of wave-like static.  Harsh static noise takes over and engulfs the listener into a world away from the one we know.  Those are just some of the dynamics included in Acid Until I Rot.

At the end of the day, we have a duo from Indiana, USA who are unafraid to not only push the boundaries of noise/power electronics but do so in such a way that crosses barriers between noise and dark ambient… inducing an imagination of a battle with evil ,this world and the underworld, temporarily allowing us to forget where we are.

Very highly recommended for those interested in the boundary-pushers and re-definers.  

Acid Until I Rot is available as a Digipack CD and limited to 250 copies.

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