Escupemetralla – “Poison Of Dead Sun In your Brain Slowly Fading” Album Review (noise/industrial)

Poison Of Dead Sun In Your Brain Slowly Fading

To Spain we travel now for yet another genre crossing/defying release. 

Poison Of Dead Sun In your Brain Slowly Fading is the new release from Escupemetralla on Novak Records.  Escupemetralla is a duo formed in 1987 in Barcelona, Spain who appropriately describe their sound as “obscure electronics” and “war ambient” as well as “twisted symphonic music.”

From Novak (the label):

“The ambient in Escupemetralla is war ambient, soundtrack that we would listen in our nightmares or, simply, what dully sounds when we look out of the window or into our screens.  collage, juxtaposition, surrealism, dadaism and psychedelia but structure, order and purpose as well.”

War Ambient…. probably a fitting description.  What Escupemetralla does and does very well with this album is create a wide variety of examples of crossing noise with apocalyptic death industrial soundscapes.  Occasional buried samples are used in such cases as track 3, “Échafaud temporel spectra.”  It nearly sounds like a subject being electrocuted in a vast subterranean warehouse.  Clearly disruption and unease are skills that the band has mastered.  Using the aforementioned track as an example, we also hear some discordant meandering string sounds along with some abrasive winding winds of various sounds and noises.  “Presidente Basura” (President Trash) is an interesting track that considering the title, contains some very appropriate samples almost with a slow, militaristic style beat.

Vastness vs. claustrophobia and ease vs. unease are two main sets of dynamics and why many of us fans are attracted to noise.  But once again, we have an artist here who refuses to stay confined to one genre and insists on stretching limits and bridging gaps between styles.  Noise, dark ambient, post-industrial; a “war ambient” soundtrack to signal the end of the world?  Sometimes complex and mind-bending but other times straight to the point.  Great work.  

Poison of Dead Sun… containing 8 tracks was released as a limited edition CD but please be advised that at the time of this post, the quantity is extremely limited.  However, the album is also available as a digital download. thumbnail_Escupemetralla - Live Nov 18 2017

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