Macronympha – “Infinite Perversion” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

Infinite Perversion

Incessant and violent rains in a storm that never seems to end.  That’s akin to what we have here with Macronympha’s new release, Infinite Perversion available now from our friends at 4ib Records.  Rapidly pummeling rains of sound unceasing on the pavement.

From 4ib Records: “This release is definitive in putting you through the true threshold test of mental tolerance by crushing you with pure multi-layers of harsh analog-tronics. Submit your senses and sanity to extreme provocation.”

Macronympha has been creating sonic violence since 1990 at the hands of Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella with the occasional assistance from Tim Oliveira and Dominick Fernow.

Infinite Perversion contains 4 tracks; 3 main cuts and 1 bonus cut.  The bonus track, “Russia Needs Freedom” is a bit different from the others in that it starts with a barrage of what sound like found object metallic strikes against some brooding low-frequency static rumbling.  The track then explores different areas and aspects of noise.  It probably serves as the best example for what Macronympha is known for; the sound of “metaljunk bashed against each other, layered and looped utilizing mostly analog equipment.”  For a really unique experience, I recommend using headphones or ear buds for especially this track.  The left and right channels cut up separately for a fairly unique listening experience.

The first three tracks on Infinite Perversion are predominantly harsh noise walls of different collages of tones and frequencies; harsh static walls mixed with feedback that looms like a bug trapped in a glass.  However, track 2, “Nylon Fetish” has a bit of a sonically concave feel and that of an over-driven tuning attempt at an antique radio-run through some possessed speakers with the volume turned to 11 of course.

Certainly harsh noise walls aren’t for everyone.  But when 4ib puts out artists who dabble with them, they put out some of the better releases.  They are right up there with Harsh Noise Movement and Wall Noise Action.  Also check out Vomir’s Cloitrez… release on 4ib.

Infinite Perversion is available on CD and is limited to 250 copies.  Check it out before it’s gone.  Harsh noise walls are like pummeling rains.  They’re harsh but don’t last forever.

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