A Note About the Passing of Warrel Dane from Sanctuary & Nevermore

I’d been debating whether or not to make a post on this for the last few days.  But for adownload (1) number of reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that it just wouldn’t feel right to not say a few words about the passing of former Sanctuary/Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane.  So I’m just going to kind of wing it here.

By now, it’s no secret that Mr. Dane passed away on December 13, 2017 in Brazil while he was working on his latest solo release.

While I never proclaimed to be the biggest Sanctuary or Nevermore fan, both of those bands (especially Sanctuary) were indeed a part of my upbringing.  Most specifically, I recall very vividly being impacted by the “Future Tense” video from the Into The Mirror Black album.  I also remember playing that cassette and CD God knows how many times.  For whatever reason, it got played a little more than the Refuge Denied album.

I feel fortunate to have been able to see Nevermore on three separate occasions one of which was in a show with the late Chuck Schuldiner and his band Death.  I also feel fortunate to have been able to meet Warrel on one of those occasions, after my best friend and I drove about 300 miles to see Nevermore open for Iced Earth.  I have only a memory of him being somewhat shy yet confident and respectful.  Sanctuary and Nevermore were, for me, examples of those bands that friends often hold dear with memories in their friendships.

So, without a doubt, a little piece of my heart was hurt when I heard of Warrel’s passing.  By some accounts I’ve read he wasn’t well and struggled somewhat in recent years.  I just pray that he now resides in a peaceful place; a Sanctuary, if you will.

I’m just one person – one of many who grew up with this man’s voice occasionally coming out of the stereo speakers.  I think Warrel was one of those singers who while achieving some acclaim for his skill, he never quite got the level of respect that he so deserved.  Thanks for playing a small part in our musical memories, Mr. Dane… and a bigger part in the lives of those you were closest to.  Mostly, thanks for the timeless music.

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