The Null Spectre – “Wendigo” Album Review (Name Your Own Price) (dark ambient/drone)


Seattle’s The Null Spectre tosses their new digital release, Wendigo to the wind aiming for our desk and just in time for the colder weather.  Cinematic, dark ambience is combined with hypnotic drones and fear-inspiring sonic subterranean hallways.

From Bandcamp: “Wendigo was written as the score to a fictitious film about a group of explorers who become stranded in the wilderness after a severe storm blows through their camp, leaving them helpless as they are stalked by an unseen predator; an ancient entity known as the Wendigo…”

Wendigo starts off like a slowly-rising centrifugal force in the cinematic dark ambient genre.  I feel that this release is successful in its attempt to score the aforementioned fictitious film as one could easily imagine the emotional heaviness of the explorers, knowing that in fact that they are helpless and lost, not to mention the fear of looming darkness and the “Wendigo.”

As we’ve noted in previous posts, some ambient/drone releases tend to take the listener on somewhat lateral ethereal planes.  While Wendigo does that to a point, it also brings the listener to specific moments (as we can imagine the explorers stopping to contemplate) where one would just look a round, not moving but yet taking in their surroundings.  Envision a scene in a horror movie where animation is somewhat suspended while the character takes a moment to plan his/her next move.  In other words, Wendigo really effectively blends ambient/drone to combine movement with stillness.  

You’ve got nothing to lose here if you are a fan of dark ambient/drone work – especially if you are into the likes of the Cryo Chamber artists.  I’d recommend it.  Wendigo is a bit of a different feel as it balances movement with stillness.  While this is a Name Your Own Price release, I suggest you go support the artist.  thumbnail_FB_IMG_1513897731414

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