Säröllä – “Tekninen häiriö” Album Review (noise/techno)

Tekninen häiriö

For now we return to Finland where prolific artist Säröllä continues to break new ground and further himself away from being pegged simply as a noise artist.

His third release in the past year alone, Tekninen häiriö sees a radical departure from the two previous albums both of which are available via his Bandcamp site.  In the case of Tekninen häiriö, most of the pieces on the album are based on a foundation of steady but unique electro beats.  Track 4, “Liike,” however, goes back to the harsh noise wind vein but with rising and pulsating beats beneath.  “Interferenssi” is a good example of how Säröllä takes minimal noise, combines it with irregular (non 4/4 timing) time signatures and electronic beats in addition to a small salute to the primitive industrial gods.  While the electronic beats are in some ways very similar, Säröllä presents this again more or less as variations on a theme.  He did a bit of that on the last release, Kuumeuni.

If this is what is coming out of Finland these days, then there may be some more fairly unique material both in the noise and in the electro/ebm veins as well.  So let us take note.  The unexpected, underground and avant-garde are always welcome in our book.  We’re looking forward once again to see what Säröllä does next.

Tekninen häiriö is available as a digital-only release via Bandcamp where you can also check out Säröllä’s other work.




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