Abattoir & Satori – “Aether” Album Review (dark ambient/ritual/drone)


We pause for the moment and go back a few months for a release that I can hardly believe escaped me.  Thanks to our new and generous partnership with Old Captain Records, that problem is now corrected.

Aether is the new collaboration between Abattoir & Satori; 7 tracks ranging from 7 minutes, 30 seconds to 12 minutes, 29 seconds.  When it comes to dark ambient/drone work, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Aether is very submersive  in wonderful yet overwhelming and devastating ways.  Take track 4, “Aether,” for example which is like being crushed in slow motion by a massive wave and then slowing falling to the pit of the ocean.

Shards of noisy textures that can be both delicate and abrasive at times are appropriately blended with very deep drones and death industrial landscapes.  Imagine being in an inescapable nightmare going from environment to environment; a subterranean factory, a vast ocean miles beneath the surface, the most abusive winter storm whiteout conditions and so on.  The opening track, “Thale,” however is a bit different.  This track at times goes from harsh noise rain to ritual drone (complete with the sound like a storm warning) and disturbing death industrial sounds and strikes.  Then back to the layered noise rain it is, swallowing up everything in its path except for the odd dungeon synth sounding noise near the surface.

Track 2, “Marsya” sounds like an elevator headed past the subterranean to the deepest bowels of the underworld, making periodic stops with industrial hits while the passengers are reminded of their worst nightmares at every floor.  Serving as the soundtrack are rich, deep drones and various noises like a ghost-inhabited factory.

If there are any dark ambient/noise artists out there who are capable of taking the listeners to various unimaginable or uninhabitable places, it might be Satori and Abbatoir.  I think that Aether, perhaps most importantly is one of those recordings which, when invited through the listeners’ earphones, leaves the psyche scathed and temporarily incapable of rational thought.

Aether is available as a limited edition 4-panel Digipak CD as well as a digital download.




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