Harsh Noise Movement – “Various Artists-HNM 600” Review – Name Your Own Price (61 Tracks/noise/ambient)

a3173437260_16In honor of their 600th release (yes, you read that correctly.  They are that prolific.) Harsh Noise Movement has given you yet another opportunity to hear an obnoxious amount of tracks for a Name Your Own Price release.  In this case, the appropriately titled HNM 600.

One of the things that makes this particular compilation unique and worthwhile is that it includes tracks from releases that are no longer on bandcamp as well as those that are out of print.  Aside from that, the range and diversity is sickening (in a good way, of course.)  Tracks range from 5 seconds to 30 minutes in length.  Stylistically, it ranges from harsh noise to experimental to ambient to f#4ked up field recordings and everything in between.

If for whatever reason, you choose not to support HNM at this time, bookmark them and find a reason to do so.  For recent releases, I’d give a personal recommendation of HNM’s Typewriter Skills as well as their splits with Yuko Araki and one with ASTRO.

Head to Harsh Noise Movement at the link just below….


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