Ocean of Grief – “Nightfall’s Lament” Album Review (doom metal)

Nightfall’s Lament

We now travel to Greece for the debut album and quite honestly one of the best doom metal albums I have heard in a very long time.

Nightfall’s Lament is the new/debut release from Greece’s Ocean of Grief.  The album will be released on January 26, 2018 courtesy of our friends at Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions.

From Rain Without End/Naturmacht Productions: “The debut album of Greek Ocean of Grief is not only dark and powerful, but also melodic and highly atmospheric. Inspired by bands like Enshine, the band walks its very own path of Sorrow and Doom.”

Nightfall’s Lament is a 7-track release from the six member band.  Let’s get right to the point.  There are a number of reasons, some of which are immediately noticeable why this album is such a huge success and is destined to become an underground classic among doom fans.  Let’s start with the fact that Ocean of Grief starts with a foundation that is built upon simple structures; but what they have already perfected is knowing that strength is built upon strategic layering and harmonies.  Any of the songs could serve as excellent examples of this.  One of the things that shines and differentiates this band from others is the juxtaposition of the high guitar note strikes vs. the crushing low-end.   

Furthermore, the album shows that the band isn’t concerned about writing an album simply for the purpose of seeing how “crushing” they can be musically.  They aren’t concerned with how far a part they toss in a riff while still maintaining structure.  This is an emotion-heavy album and that fact is translated through the melodies and harmonies all throughout.  Really the only element of traditional doom metal herein is the harsh, growling vocals.  In fact, most of the tracks maintain a decent pace somewhere in between slow and mid.  So, our attention is kept up.  These guys even straddle the line between doom and death metal.  

Surely fans of old school bands like Tiamat and Tristania will be fans of this as well otherwise skeptical metal fans typically not into doom.  2017, as far as we are concerned has been an excellent year for doom metal.  This album seals the deal for me that there is hope among doom.  Dare I say that philosophy may be implied in the music as well.  The melodies are often as soaring and uplifting just as much as they are crushing.  If this is a sign of what 2018 has to offer in the doom metal world, I’d say that things are ironically looking up in the world of doom metal.

Nightfall’s Lament releases on January 26 and will be available in the following formats:  ltd. edition 4-panel digipack CD, T-shirt/CD bundle and digital download.  Shirts are also available by themselves.


Ocean of Grief


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