CPTN Uzncwz – “Julie Cunningham” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

Julie Cunningham

CPTN Uzncwz is a noise project hailing from Columbia, Missouri; just a couple of hours in fact from where we are..  Julie Cunningham is the digital-only release just issued by Russia’s Wall Noise Action label.  2 tracks, “Memoriam” and “Vindicta.”  Each track clocks in at 30 minutes exactly.

From Wall Noise Action: “Julie Cunningham was last seen on March 15, 1975 in Vail, Colorado. The sporting goods employee and part-time ski instructor spoke briefly to her mother by phone that day, then left her Apollo Park apartment early in the evening to join her roommate at a local tavern. She was never seen again and was reported missing on March 21. 

Serial killer Ted Bundy confessed to her abduction and murder three days before his execution in Florida in 1989. He said he drove her 80 miles west of Vail to an isolated spot several miles north of the town of Rifle in Garfield County. She was then murdered and buried in a shallow grave.   Despite a detailed description of the burial site provided by Bundy and an intensive search of the area, her remains were never recovered. ” 

“Memoriam” is a low-end frequency intensive harsh noise wall from beginning to end.  In fact, it more or less resembles a noisy, vacuous drone rather than a wall of abrasive static.  However, “Vindicta” on the other hand, is a steady, static-driven mid-frequency blast from beginning to end.

Harsh noise walls are often challenging to review for the simple reason that most of us, as noise fans listen to them for abstract reasons; not necessarily concerning ourselves with technical specificity.  But ponder the following question…Do artists create harsh noise for the same reasons we listen?  If not, what are the contrasts?  Something to think about….Meanwhile, go check out Wall Noise Action’s great label.



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