Extreme Kindness & Дисциплина И Порядок – “Split” Album Review (noise/harsh noise wall/power electronics)

a1955493136_16One of my favorite artist names in the noise arena, the incongruously named Extreme Kindness teams up with Дисциплина И Порядок for an 8-track split (4 tracks each) digital-only release.

Extreme Kindness delivers 4 tracks each totaling 15 minutes in length while those belonging to Дисциплина И Порядок are just shy of 15 each.

Extreme Kindness tends to alternate even within each piece between the most abrasive and apocalyptic harsh noise walls and extremely harsh feedback manipulation.  It’s like the temporary pace change for an avalanche to end all civilization.  Their second track, might be a good example of how we should consider terms like “waves” and “winds” instead of simply referring to these barrages as “walls.”  Their track 4 completely (but in a good way as we all like discomfort in noise) throws us off and alternatively delivers what is more or less like a low-end, low-volume noise drone.

Cut to one of Russia’s best builders of noise walls; Дисциплина И Порядок.  Their first track, albeit more than likely unintentional, seems to pick up where the fourth Extreme Kindness track left off.  It begins as an abrasive noise wave and then alternates between a sea storm and noise rain with horrific turbulence.  The other tracks are all pretty steady harsh noise walls with differentiated tones but with no lack of abrasiveness.

Again… great stuff from both artists and Wall Noise Action.



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