Väki – “Kirous” Tape Review (black metal)


Thanks to the cold winter winds of Finland (ok, and Ohio’s Redefining Darkness Records), some fine Finnish black metal has now found its way to our desk.

Kirous is the new and very special cassette tape edition of Väki’s demo.  There are two tracks with a total clocking time of just over 11 minutes.

From Redefining Darkness Records: “I can’t help drawing comparisons to their Viking brethren from Iceland, a scene that has become increasing popular as of late, especially bands like Misþyrming and Naðra.  Väki are certainly forging their own path, and we are happy to be heralds of their musings for as long as they’ll allow us.”

Musically the tracks are cold and brisk with vocals that are somewhat reminiscent of Ihsahn of Emperor – especially when it comes to dragging out the last word in a sentence-like they are carried away with the Finnish wind.  There are enough part and tempo changes to keep the music far from being dull but yet not too many to be “math metal.”  In fact, Väki seem to create a bit of their own voice while at the same time keeping one foot planted firmly in traditional old-school black metal.  Moreover, there is character in the production so old-school purists will be happy as will those interested in bands stretching new musical boundaries of black metal.  One thing in regard to their sound seems to be evident in track 2, “Kirous.”  While it is somewhat hard to pinpoint, the band seems to do something unique with the the combination of their guitar tone and chord progressions along with the bass.  You’ll just have to hear it.  TAAKE was doing some similar things on their latest album.

Really my only problem with this release is that its too short.  So indeed I’m looking forward to seeing where Väki takes their sound next, hopefully with a full-length release.

Kirous is available as a special limited edition cassette through Redefining Darkness Records.  It includes special packaging created by Primeval Vision (www.primevalvision.com).  Redefining Darkness also has the digital download version as a Name Your Own Price release but ONLY through New Year’s Eve.  So grab it before January 1!!  I, however encourage you to toss them a small donation in support of their efforts to keep this art alive.

There are also a limited number of hand-numbered Cds available from Väki’s Bandcamp page.


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