Voiddweller – “Illegal Content” Album Review (noise)

Illegal Content

Now for one of the most unique concepts I’ve come across in some time.  Sometimes the most interesting finds are those we least expect.  It’s like finding a lost treasure in a GoodWill store.  Appropriately enough…..

Iowa’s Voiddweller and their most recent release, Illegal Content is our offering here for the moment.

Here’s the concept so read carefully… From Bandcamp: “ILLEGAL CONTENT is an ep conceptually based around the 7 sins, composed entirely of samples from 40 different cd’s purchased from goodwill interspersed with power electronic-esque microphone feedback and pedal noise.”

Most of the tracks chopped and screwed by Voiddweller were originally rap/hip hop.  Ok, bare with me.  Remember a time when you told someone you liked a recipe but were stunned to find out it contained something you hated on its own?  Look at this project in that light.  Each of the cuts are completely different; like warped holocaust medical experiments with or without practical objectives.  I think I heard some Dido in there chopped to bits.  Harsh noise, feedback and static infused like a mad scientist blender.  According to the artist’s Bandcamp site, the noise was primarily created via microphone feedback and pedals.  Personally, as a graduate of art history and fan of modern art, I enjoy the idea of taking found objects and severely screwing them up to create art.

One of the formats which this release is issued is a “Recycled Goodwill Mixtape.”  “llegal content + other songs from my back catalog, dubbed over the first volume of the bible on tape and the Rich Dad, Poor Dad audio book. tracklist may vary due to varying cassette length.”   

Again… @#$ked up found objects; love it.  Pretty interesting and unique concept.

Aside from the cassette version, this release also comes as a 2CD “mystery package” which includes one of the 40 cds used to create the EP, randomly selected.  The digital download version starts as a Name Your Own Price release.  It also includes sample & bpm chart along with a mediafire link to the unused instrumentals created in the development of the album.

The CD and tape versions are both extremely limited editions.



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